Naual Hansen


— SAVORY DISHES — FOCCACIA Jump to recipe Print Flavourous focaccia with rosemary & vegetables    This decorative foccacia loaded with veggies is a delicious version of a traditional foccacia. It’s full of flavours – the bottom is lovely salty and so rich in splendid flavours (the mixture of whole green olives, canned capers, vegan… Continue reading FOCCACIA


— SAVORY DISHES, Category of recipe — VEGAN SPAGHETTI CARBONARA Jump to recipe Print Quick tasty vegan spaghetti Carbonara can be served both for lunch or dinner. It consists healthy proteins, carbs, as well as fats. The nutritional yeast is substituting parmesan cheese from the original vesion.  Latest posts VEGAN PAVLOVA CAKE WITH STRAWBERRIES JAPANESE… Continue reading VEGAN SPAGHETTI CARBONARA


— SAVORY DISHES, SAVORY DISHES — BLACKBEAN BURGER Jump to recipe Print This is an easy, homemade plantbased version of fast food, very rich in fibers and proteins from blackbeans. It doesn’t require a long period of cooking and preparation if the buns are already pre made or store bought. Food-processor ensures that preparation time… Continue reading BLACKBEAN BURGER


— SAVORY DISHES, Category of recipe — Hummus Jump to recipe Print Hummus can be made in couple of different ways. Simplest way is to use canned chickpeas to make it. The other, more difficult way, is to soak dried chickpeas overnight and cook the next day until they become soft. Then drain and use.… Continue reading HUMMUS