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This Pavlova is a velvety combo of vegan cream, vanilla pudding, crunchy vegan meringues and fruit. Cake is very refreshing and it is not too sweet.

It can be a great choice for a dessert for summer friendly afternoon gatherings, or Christmas holidays on the other hand. In general, it is not difficult to make, but it requires a longer time to bake meringues.

I used cold canned aquafaba instead of homemade one. My previous experiences confirmed to me that not every brand of canned aquafaba will give the same results when it comes to mixing. Therefore I stick with those that can be mixed fast into a stable foam.

 I shaped 2 meringues (using cake nozzles) on a large parchment paper sheets the size of oven baking tray (circle diameter 24 cm), and they spread out 2 cm more while baking. It took two hours to bake the meringues as well as the whole night to stay in the warm closed oven. 

The most important advice would be to not open the oven the next 10 hours, or until the next day. I baked those meringues one April afternoon (it was just a couple of months ago), then I turned off the oven around 18:00 o’clock in the evening and kept it closed until morning. I assembled the cake the next day. The cake came out perfectly stable and hasn’t been melting and falling apart in the refrigerator.




Ingredients for the meringues:
  • Cold aquafaba from one can (410 gr) of chickpeas (approx. 1.65 dcl.);
  • 230 gram of caster sugar;
  • A bit of Cream of tartar on top of a knife (or lemon acid powder).
*Prepare 2 meringues 1 day ahead.
Ingredients for the whipped cream filling:
  • 250 ml of plantbased whipped cream (I used Alpro vegan cream);
  • 5 tbsp. of powder sugar.

Ingredients for vanilla pudding:

  • 1 bag of vanilla pudding powder (45 gr);
  • 2 tbsp. of caster sugar;
  • 3 dcl. of soy milk;
  • 2 tbsp. of whipped cream (taken from the whipped cream mixture);
  • 4 full tbsp. of red currant vegan marmalade;
  • 4 full tbsp. of blueberry vegan marmalade;
  • some fruit from compote (or fresh fruit);
  • 50 gr of chopped pistachios.
Cakeform – oven size baking tray.
Baking paper.
*Optional: piping bags with cake nozzles for meringues and whipped cream.

Preparation time

40 min.

Cooking time

2 hours




Preparation of meringues:               

  • Take a can of cold chickpeas out from the refrigerator and strain the aquafaba from it, there should be approx. 1.65 dcl -1.7 dcl of aquafaba. Place cold aquafaba in a stand mixer and whip it on a very high speed while adding sugar occasionally. Add Cream of Tartar and keep whipping. Keep whipping until whole sugar is used and the foam makes firm peaks. 
  •  Turn on the oven at 130 Celsius degrees.
  •  Take 2 sheets of baking paper and draw a circle diameter 24cm on each of them (meringues will spread to 26 cm while baking).
  • Place 2 baking papers on 2 oven baking trays. Divide whipped aquafaba on two each parts and spread each of them over drawn circles on 2 baking paper sheets.
  • Place baking trays in the oven and bake meringues for 2 hours. Do NOT OPEN THE OVEN after baking. Let meringues stay in the oven overnight. Use them the next day.
Combining Pavlova:                  
1. Place baked meringue on a cake tray.
2. Spread whipped cream all over the surface.
3. Using tablespoon add  1/2 of pudding ” here and there” over the cream, repeat the same with 1/2 of amount of both marmalades.
4. Sprinkle with 1/2 of chopped pistachios.
5. Place second meringue on cake.
6. Again, spread whipped cream all over surface of meringue.
7. Again, put the second half of pudding and second half of marmalades as previously.
8. Sprinkle with the rest of pistachios.


Piping bags with cake noozles can be used for shaping meringues as well as for puting whipped cream on meringues.

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