Naual Hansen


— Savory Dishes — VEGAN MANTLES Jump to recipe Print Pie filled with vegan minced meat     One of many traditional Balkan pies, but this one is filled with sauteed red onion and vegan minced. For this recipe you don’t necessarily need a mixer, yet it would be better if you use one.For the… Continue reading VEGAN MANTLES


— SWEET DISHES — SACHERTORTE (VEGAN) Jump to recipe Print Sachertorte made of vegan ingredients     This is a vegan version of an old Austrian classic that I made for the Valentine’s Day. It is made of smooth homemade chocolate batter, apricot marmalade and rich chocolate ganache. I wanted to achieve the consistency of… Continue reading SACHERTORTE (VEGAN)


— SWEET DISHES — LAYERED PUDDING & ALMOND DESSERT Jump to recipe Print Comforting dessert in a glass     Haven’t really planned to make this dessert. It was more of a quick answer to an upcoming evening visit. Needed something that will go smooth while making but something that shouldn’t take much of a… Continue reading LAYERED PUDDING & ALMOND DESSERT