Naual Hansen

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 This is an healthy no-sugar cake with a rich taste of white chocolate with a base of pistachios. The taste of white chocolate predominates over the whole cake because of presence of cocoa butter. The final layer is made of white chocolate glaze that is sprinkled with vegan matcha latte powder. 

The cake base is sweetened with natural ingredients such as dates, and the cashew filling is sweetened by maple syrup. My main focus was on adjusting the sweetness and consistency so that it doesn’t become too sweet.

Couldn’t really decide about how should be decorated, and somehow I imagined it having the colour of vegan white chocolate. By the time I finished the cake and was about to decorate, I changed my mind and decided to sprinkle the top with vegan matcha latte, to add some marzipan on top, some dried fruits, and some flowers as well. Seems that idea was not so bad. Anyways, next time will just leave it as it is, in it’s shades of colour of sand, with the top glaze of white chocolate. 




For the base:
130 gr of pistachios;
125 gr of dates;
3 tbsp. of water.
For the cashew filling:

360 gr of cashews;

145 ml of maple syrup;

50 ml of cocoa butter;
2 dcl of water (or soy milk).
To sprinkle the cashew filling:
30 gr of finely chopped pistachios.
For the white chocolate glaze:
50 ml of cocoa butter;
100 gr cashew butter;
30 ml of maple syrup.
In case you make homemade cashew butter:
90 gr of raw cashews;
2 tbsp. of oil with neutral taste.

Preparation time

1 h 15 min.

Cooking time




For the cake base :

1. Put dates and pistachios into a high-speed food-processor and pulse until it’s well chopped. Add water and pulse several times, then press it gently into the cake form and let it sit in the freezer for 10 min.

For the filling:

1. Place cashew nuts, maple syrup into a high-speed food-processor and blend it until it gets a smooth creamy texture. Add cocoa butter and water, then pulse several times until they become well incorporated. 

2. Take the cake out of the freezer and pour the cashew filling on it. Put the cake back in to the freezer for the next 50 min. or until the top is firm.   

3. Take the cake out and sprinkle the top with chopped pistachios. Put it back to freezer.

Mix together (in a high-speed blender) ingredients for cashew butter and set aside.

4. Prepare the white chocolate glaze by mixing together (in a high speed blender) cashew butter, cocoa butter and maple syrup into a smooth glaze, then take the cake out and pour the glaze on top of it. Put it back into the freezer.        

5. Garnish with dried fruit and flowers.