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Chocolate & Cherry Delight


   One thing that is certanly completely unnecessary in 2022.  is a consumption of animal products. This lovely cake is eggless and has no animal products in it, yet it is amazingly flavourful and tasty. It’s a combo of a crispy vegan meringue made of aquafaba, delicious creamy chocolate filling, cherries, cherry sauce and whipped cream.

    The recipe for this lovely delicious Schwarzwald Pavlova can be found down under the image section in the recipe box.




Vegan Pavlova with chocolate filling, cherries and whipped cream
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Course Dessert
Servings 12 servings


  • Oven
  • Mixer


For 3 meringues:

  • 255 ml of aquafaba;
  • 285 gr of sugar;
  • a bit of Cream of Tartar (or lemon acid powder) on top of a knife.

For assembling:

  • 500 ml of vegan liquid whipped cream mixed with 1.5 tbsp. of sugar;
  • a bit of cocoa powder;
  • 200 gr of seedless cherries.
  • a bit of cherry sauce (cooked cherries with cornstarch, water and sugar + 1 tbsp. of oil);

For the pudding:

  • 50 gr of vegan dark chocolate;
  • 4 dcl of soy milk;
  • 1 bag of vanilla pudding powder (45 gr);
  • 1 tbsp. of dark cocoa powder + 0.5 dcl of soy milk (dissolve cocoa powder in it with a wire whisk);
  • 2 tbsp. of sugar;
  • 1 tbsp. of mixed whipped cream.

For decorating:

  • a bit of cherry sauce (cooked cherries with cornstarch, water and sugar + 1 tbsp. of oil);
  • a bit of chocolate.


  • Mix aquafaba with Cream of Tartar (or lemon acid powder) while gradually adding sugar, mix it into a stable foam with firm peaks (more-less 8 min.).
  • Turn on the oven at 120 Celsius Degrees. Take 3 pieces of baking paper and on each draw a circle, diameters should be: 19 cm, 22cm and 25 cm. Put those 3 papers onto 3 baking trays. Flip the paper on the opposite side (so the drawing is down). Now by using a spatula place mixed aquafaba on a paper inside circles (circles should be visible through the paper). Take some of the mixture and place it in a piping bag with nozzle and decorate the edges.
  • Bake at 120 degrees Celsius for 2 hours. Turn off the oven and keep the oven closed overnight until next morning/day.
  • Dissolve pudding powder in a bit of soy milk (as it is described in the ingredients section). Take a bit of soy milk (take from 4 dcl) and dissolve pudding powder in it using a wire whip. In a non-stick pot bring to a boil the rest of soy milk with sugar. Add dissolved pudding and cook over low heat for 1-2 min. Remove from heat and add chocolate to it and dissolved cocoa powder, stir well, let it cool down. Now take whipped cream and mix it into a stable foam. Add tbsp. of mixed whipped cream into cold pudding, stir well and set aside.
  • Assembling the cake: Take the largest meringue and place it on a cake tray. Dust it with a bit of cocoa powder. Fill it with 1/3 of the amount of whipped cream. Next, by using a spoon add here and there 1/3 of the amount of pudding, then put 1/3 of the amount of cherries. Drizzle with some cherry sauce. Repeat this whole step until all ingredients are used. Decorate with a bit of cherry sauce and chocolate.

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