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This rustic flavorful layered dessert is a combination of fruity vegan jelly, dark chocolate ganache and marzipan. It’s not too complicated for making as it might seem on a first sight, but it definitely requires a bit of patience.

First step is to bake a cake biscuit that should not be divided from cake mold, because it should support the rest of cake layers. Baking time is short, only 20 min. During the baking process I usually prepare chocolate ganache, therefore afterwards I can focus on raspberry jelly preparation. 

Chocolate ganache should be divided into 3 equal parts and kept in a warm place while working on cake. Raspberry jelly is simple to prepare: it is basically cooked frozen raspberries with sugar, strained from seeds, then mixed and cooked briefly together with agar. The pot should be carefully washed out to avoid any leftover raspberry seeds.

This time I used matcha powder to decorate the cake. In previous occasions it used to be finely chopped pistachios that I would sprinkle over the edge and around every fresh raspberry on top of cake, instead of matcha. No matter how it looks – it’s  taste is sumptuous, deep and delightful.




Biscuit ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp. of grounded flax seed;
  • 6 tbsp. of hot boiling water;
  • 200 gr of vegan butter;
  • 150 gr of icing sugar;
  • 250 gr of flour;
  • 10 gr of baking soda;
  • 8 tbsp. of vegan cooking cream;
  • 5 tbsp. of sunflower oil;
  • 1.75 dcl of buttermilk;
  • 75 gr of almonds, soaked in hot boiling water, peeled off and thinly sliced.

Round springform, size of 26 cm.


Chocolate ganache ingredients:
  • 400 gr of dark vegan chocolate, chopped;
  • 4 dcl of thick vegan cooking cream;
  • 150 gr of vegan butter;
  • 60 gr of caster sugar.
Ingredients for raspberry jelly:
  • 800 gr of frozen raspberries;
  • 200 gr of caster sugar;
  • 15 gr of agar;
  • 1.5 dcl of water.       
For the marzipan layer:
  • 300 gr of marzipan, rolled out in a shape of a round springform size of 26 cm. with a rolling pin on a parchment paper.
For the cake decoration:
  • some matcha powder (or finely chopped pistachios instead);
  • some fresh raspberries.

Preparation time

1h 45 min.

Cooking time




Instructions for the biscuit preparation:

1. Mix grinded flax seed with hot boiling water, let it sit for 8-10 min.

2. Combine and mix well flour with baking soda.

3. By using mixer mix 200 gr of vegan butter, together with soaked flax seed and icing sugar. Start gradually adding flour while mixing, continue to mix and add cooking cream, butter milk and sunflower oil. Turn off the mixer, then add thinly sliced almonds and stir well gently with a spoon.

4. Cover the bottom of a cake mold with baking paper, then pour in the cake batter. Bake on 180 Celsius degrees 20 min in convection oven. Let it cool down, DO NOT separate the cake from cake mold.

Instructions for chocolate ganache:

1. Pour cooking cream into a pot and warm it up. After 1 min. add chopped chocolate, vegan butter and caster sugar, start stirring gently, and continue to stir often while ingredients melt and combine together.

2. It should not start to boil, so turn off the stove when ingredients are completely melted and combined together.

3. Devide ganache into 3 equal parts.

Raspberry jelly preparation:

1. Put frozen raspberries in a pot, add sugar and cook for 10 min. Turn off the stove.

2. Press the mixture well through the strainer to separate juice from seeds. Wash out used cooking pot and put  raspberry strained raspberry juice back into the pot.

3. Mix in agar into 1.5 dcl of cold water and  stir well.

4. Add agar mixture into raspberry juice and stir. Turn on the stove and cook the jelly while stirring, let it gently boil for 2 min, then turn off the oven.

Assembling the cake:

1. Take the springform with cake biscuit and add first part of the chocolate ganache on top of it. Put into the freezer for 15- 20 min (until ganache becomes completely firm).

2. Take the cake out of  freezer, pour raspberry jelly over firmed ganache layer, and return to the freezer for the next 15 min (until jelly is firm).

3. Take the cake out, pour over the 2nd part of ganache, return cake to freezer for the next 20 min.

4. Take the cake out of freezer and roll out marzipan over ganache layer. Then, pour the 3rd part of ganache over marzipan and put the cake into the fridge.

5. Decorate cake as in pictures. 

6. Slice the cake when ganache becomes completely firm, or the next day (recommended).



1. Keep prepared and divided ganache at room temperature, if it starts firming – just warm it up slightly on a stove and then use.

2. Raspberry jelly should stay warm and liquidy. Therefore keep it on a warm spot, stirring it occasionally before pouring on cake.

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