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Vegan Pavlova with roasted hazelnuts, pistachios and hazelnut spread is a crunchy & creamy vegan dessert, a sweet combo of a
velvety meringue and whipped cream. My goal was to make meringues that will keep it’s stability in the refrigerator even the next day after filling. 

Stable Pavlova meringue

My previous experiences with different Pavlova recipes were unsuccessful because meringues hasn’t dried in the oven long enough,  therefore the cake would literally fall apart and melt (becoming to look somehow as porridge) while being in the refrigerator. 

In general, one of my favourite tastes is the taste of roasted hazelnuts and vegan hazelnut spread.  Combo of those two with a sprinkle of pistachios, together with a vegan whipped cream, gives wonderfull sumptuous taste to this vegan Pavlova.

This particular recipe for meringue I have used many times, and each time meringues came out successful, so therefore I recommend it. Most important is to prepare the meringues one day ahead, as well as NOT TO OPEN the oven after baking until the next morning/day.  Couple of times I was left with large amount of aqufaba leftovers (mostly after making hummus), then I would  bake meringues, and used them after 5 or 6 days.  Meringues have literally kept the same texture and were usable as they were prepared just one day before.





Ingredients for the meringues:
  • Cold aquafaba  from one can (410 gr) of chickpeas (approx. 1.65 dcl.);
  • 230 gram of caster sugar;
  • A bit of Cream of tartar on top of a knife (or lemon acid powder).
*Prepare 2 meringues 1 day ahead.
Ingredients for The Whipped Cream Filling:
  • 250 ml of plantbased whipping cream (I used Alpro plantbased cream);
  • 5 tbsp. of powdered sugar.
Combine and whip those two ingredients together into a stable foam.

Ingredients for the

hazelnut Spread :
  • 8 tbsp. of hazelnut vegan spread (sort of ” vegan nutella”), store-bought or homemade;
  • 2 tbsp. of sunflower oil.
Combine them and mix well.
  • 50-100 gr of roasted, peeled off and chopped hazelnuts.
  • 50-100 gr of chopped pistachios;
Cakeform – oven size baking tray.
Baking paper.
*Optional: piping bags with cake nozzles for meringues and whipped cream.

Preparation time

30-45 min.

Cooking time

2 hours




Preparation of meringues:               

  • Take a can of cold chickpeas out from the refrigerator and strain the liquid-aquafaba from it, there should be approx. 1.65 dcl -1.7 dcl of aquafaba. Place cold aquafaba in a stand mixer and whipp it on a very high speed while adding sugar occasionally. Add Cream of Tartar and keep whipping. Whipp until used all sugar and the foam makes firm peaks.  Turn on the oven to 130 Celsius degrees.
  •  Take 2 sheets of baking paper and draw a circle diameter 24cm on each of them (the meringue will spread  to 26 cm while baking).
  • Place 2 baking papers on 2 oven baking trays. Divide whipped meringue on two each parts and spread each of them over drawn circles on 2 baking papers.
  • Place baking trays in the oven and bake meringues for 2 hours. Do NOT OPEN THE OVEN after baking. Let meringues stay in the oven overnight. Use them the day after.
Combining Pavlova:                  
1. Place baked meringue on a cake tray.
2. Spread whipped cream all over surface.
3. Using tablespoon add  1/2 of hazelnut spread.
4. Sprinkle with 1/2 of chopped pistachios and hazelnuts.
5. Place second meringue on cake.
6. Again, spread whipped cream all over surface of meringue.
7. Again, place second half of hazelnut spread.
8. Again, sprinkle with the rest of pistachios and hazelnuts.


Piping bags with cake noozles can be used for shaping meringues as well as for puting whipped cream.

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