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Easy & simple cake with strawberries, made of vegan meringues


   This is one mouthwatering, delicious, fluffy cake made of vegan meringues, vegan whipped cream and strawberries. It is a perfect choice for the dessert for different kinds of occasions, for example birthdays or annyversaries (even Christmas just with another kinds of seasonal fruits). You will love how this is made up of fluffy tasty meringues combined with sliced sweet strawberries, tasty whipped cream and topped with crunchy pistachios. Not to mention that it’s made of only 6 basic ingredients! 

    Season of strawberries has just begun so therefore it’s a perfect time to make such a fluffy fruit cake (that btw, requests less time for making then araverage cakes in general). Meringues can be pre-made and stored in a cold, dark, dry place for later usage. I usually bake them couple of days ahead (sometimes around 7 days to 8 days ahead).

     Feel free to check out the list of ingredients including instructions that can be found in the Pinterest recipe box under the image section.


Easy, simple, delightful cake with strawberries, with meringues made of aquafaba
Cook Time 2 hours
Course Dessert
Servings 12 servings


  • Mixer
  • Oven


  • 165 ml of cold aquafaba from the fridge (aquafaba is leftover liquid after draining of a canned cooked chickpeas);
  • 230 gr of sugar (I added 30 gr of coconut sugar powder instead of 30 gr of regular sugar, but it's better to use regular sugar only because of the colour);
  • Cream of Tartar or lemon acid powder on top of knife.


  • 430 gr of strawberries;
  • 450 ml of sweetened liquid vegan whip cream;
  • 10 gr of chopped pistachios for the decoration.


  • Start mixing aquafaba with 3 tbsp. of sugar and Cream of Tartar (or lemon acid powder) on highest speed. Gradually add the whole amount of sugar while mixing to achieve glossy, completely stable white foam (this process takes usually around 8 minutes or more). On 2 sheets of baking paper draw circles of a diameter ø 25 cm, then flip them and place them on 2 baking trays (circles must be visible through baking paper sheets). With a help of a spoon and piping bag with attached decorative nozzle add whipped aquafaba on the surface of baking paper sheets to create 2 round Pavlovas, each of diameter of ø 25 cm. Bake meringues at 130 degrees Celsius for 2 hours, then turn off the oven and do not open it until next morning (or next 10 hours). Those meringues can be pre-made days ahead (I make them usually 1 week ahead then fill them just before guests arrive).
  • Whip vegan liquid cream. Save some of it for the decoration.
  • Slice strawberries on halves and quarters.
  • Filling the cake: put a bit of a whipped cream in the center of a large plate or a cake tray. Gently place baked meringue on it, add half of the amount of vegan whipped cream and gently spread it over meringue (with a help of spoon or piping bag with attached nozzle), then add half of the amount of sliced strawberries. Repeat the process starting from placing of meringue (arrange strawberries nicely on top by your personal preferences). Decorate with whipped cream "here and there" with a help of piping bag with the attached nozzle, gently sprinkle with chopped pistachios on top and serve.


*The cake is quite tall and it's made of just 2 layers of meringues, cream and strawberries. You can bake 3 meringues and add more vegan whipped cream and strawberries in case you preffer even taller Pavlova cake.

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