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It’s one of those dishes that can be made during any time of year. It is so refreshing when served cold during summer afternoon. It’s a dessert made of vegan whipped cream and rice porridge with addition of orange marmalade, pistachios and cherry sauce.

The inspiration for this dessert came from an old Danish Christmas dessert with almonds that is traditionally served at Christmas Night after the main course.
This desert can also be declared as a budget friendly meal. Basically it is rice porridge  cooked with vegan milk, rice and sugar, seasoned with lovely nutmeg and lemon zest and mixed with vegan whipped cream. Orange marmalade and cherry sauce as toppings goes perfectly along with the mild creamy taste of creamy porridge.

 It also tastes great topped with blueberry marmalade and fresh blueberries. The presence of lime zest gives a lovely refreshing note and it is a crucial ingredient of this dish. In this particular recipe I used store bought rice milk. The dessert can be, on the other hand, made with any sort of vegan milk that you have at home. 

Pistachios give it crunchiness and a nutty mild taste. Their taste goes perfectly along with both orange taste and the taste of cherry sauce. Cherry sauce can often be found on a market. In case you have to make it yourself, combine fresh seedless cherries with sugar and a bit of water and cook it for 10 min. on a medium heat. At the end add dissolved cornstarch to it (cornstarch dissolved by water), stir well and cook for two more minutes.

Summer rice porridge with whipped cream

Easy vegan dessert with a taste of lemon and nutmeg, made of whipped cream and cold rice poridge
Prep Time 6 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Course Dessert


  • Non-stick pot
  • Mixer


  • 1 dcl of round grain rice;
  • 1 dcl of water;
  • 5 dcl of plantbased milk;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 1 tsp. of vanilla sugar;
  • 45 gr of caster sugar;
  • 10 tbsp. of store-bought or homemade cherry sauce (cherries cooked with sugar and cornstarch);
  • 2-3 tbsp. of orange marmalade;
  • a pinch of nutmeg;
  • 40 gr of pistachios;
  • 1 dcl of liquid vegan whipped cream.
  • zest of a half of lemon.


  • Instructions
    1. First, cook rice porridge. Put rice with 1 dcl of water and a pinch of salt into a pot and cook it on a medium heat until almost the whole amount of water is absorbed. 
    2. Next, start occasionally to add plantbased milk while cooking and often stirring. Add caster sugar too. Rice should be totally cooked in approx. 25 min. Set aside and let it cool down completely. 
    3. Stir rice gently with a spoon.
    4. Mix whipped cream with a stand mixer into a stable foam. 
    5. Start adding cooked rice into whipped cream by using a spoon. Add 1 spoon after another and use a wire whipp to stir and combine ingredients together. Add chopped pistachios, vanilla sugar, lemon zest and nutmeg too. Stir well. Put in the fridge and let it cool down.
    6. Serve cold in small bowls. Top creamy porridge with some orange marmalade or with cherry sauce, sprinkle it with a bit pistachios on top.

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