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Came up with this idea during the season of cherries while being on a raw diet. Somehow I find that cherries and black poppy seeds are an perfect combo. Sweetened with dates and decorated with a bit of coconut milk can be a perfect dessert while being on a strict raw diet. Coconut milk I used was full fat with a thick consistency, and therefore I could easily put it on top of cherry sauce. The amount of dates can be optional and it’s dependable on the sourness of cherries.

 I used a high-speed food blender to achieve the creamy consistency of raw cherry sauce.  In case cherries have less meaty texture and contain more liquid – feel free to add more dates to get the perfect thickness. 

Black poppy seeds were grinded in a coffee grinder and then mixed with chopped (mashed) dates. I added some fresh lemon zest to grinded black poppy seeds, and the zest brought a refreshing note to this dessert. Some of balls I sprinkled with chopped pistachios, and the rest with coconut flakes. Both versions taste equally good.




For the poppy seed balls :
  • 100 gr of grounded poppy seeds;
  • 15 gr of grounded chia seeds;
  • 75 gr of dates blended in high speed blender with 6 tbsp.of water (blend to get a mushy creamy consistency);
  • some lemon zest, approx. of 1/4 of lemon;
  • some vanilla on top of knife;
  • some chopped pistachios and/ or coconut flakes.
For the cherry sauce:
  • 215 gr of fresh cherries, seeds removed;
  • 35 gr of dates or more*;
  • Some coconut milk for decorating;
  •  (*A bit more dates if cherries are more juicy then meaty).

Preparation time

20 min.

Cooking time




Instructions for poppy seed balls:
1. Poppy seeds should be finely grinded (f.ex. in a coffee grinder) before using, as well as chia seeds.
2. Blend dates with water.
3. Mix grinded chia seeds with poppy seeds and blended dates, add lemon zest and vanilla. Mix well.
4. Shape balls with wet palms, each should weighs 17-18 gr. Dipp them in chopped pistachios and/or coconut flakes, then set in the refrigerator.
Instructions for cherry sauce:
1. Blend well cherries in a high-speed blender to get creamy consistency.
2. Add dates and keep blending together, to get silky creamy consistency. 
3. Add more dates if cherries are too sour or liquidy, adjust the amount of dates to get a relatively thick sweet cherry sauce. Put in freezer for 5 min.
1. Pour cherry sauce into small bowls.
2. Put 2-3 tsp. of thick coconut milk on top of cherry sauce, then make cyclic moves with top of a knife or a needle by mixing sauce and coconut milk together. 
3. Put poppy seed balls in sauce. Serve immediately or keep in refrigerator until serving time.

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