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Smooth & silky ice cream dessert

   Easy and flavourful ice cream dessert that doesn’t require ice cream churn if you don’t have one. 
   I find ice cream with a taste of coffee more refreshing on warm summer periods than other tastes, especially if it’s made with strong coffee such as ness granules, or espresso. For those ice cream cakes with coffee flavour this time I used instant ness coffee powder that added deep rich flavour an lovely colour to it. 

   This ice cream can be taken as a healthy dessert. It’s made with dates and coconut sugar. The main sweetener is date taste that gives strong sweetness and rich texture to the final product. Cashew’s roll is to give the creamy base to it. I added some vegan cooking cream as well, just to give it that extra smooth texture. 

   Strawberry flavour ice cream is basically made of strawberries, vegan liquid whipped cream (that I haven’t whipped) and coconut sugar. I have chosen frozen strawberries that I cooked together with sugar and a bit of water over the stove. Once it cooled down I put it into a high speed blender together with vegan liquid cream and mixed it until smooth consistency. I used ice cream churn and then got amazed with the result in just 20 min. That step can bi skipped if you don’t have a churn at home, anyway the result will be perfect simply because of the smooth silky texture.

    The rest of the instructions, including detailed list of ingredients, can be found down under the image section. For more recipes and images you may find interesting to visit Instagram and Facebook under the name Naual A. Hansen.

Mini Ice Cream Cakes

Ice cream mini cakes with strawberry and coffee flavour
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Servings 4 servings


  • High-speed blender
  • Mini cake molds


Coffee flavour:

  • 2 dcl. of hot boiling water;
  • 50 gr of cashew nuts;
  • 10-12 large dates;
  • 1 tsp. of instant coffee powder;
  • 3 dcl of thick vegan cooking cream.

Strawberry flavour:

  • 250-300 gr of frozen strawberries;
  • 4-5 dcl of a liquid vegan whip cream, thicker - the better;
  • 3-4 tbsp. of coconut sugar;
  • 1 dcl of water.

For the chocolate drizzling:

  • 70 gr of dark chocolate;
  • 1 tsp. of oil, neutral coconut or sunflower.


  • For the coffee flavour: stir all ingredients together (except the cooking cream) and let them rest for 30 min. Blend them in a high-speed blender, then add cooking cream and stir well.
  • Instructions for the strawberry flavour: in a pot put water, sugar and strawberries and cook until sugar is dissolved. Let it cool down, pour into a high-speed blender together with liquid whip cream and mix until fine texture.
  • This step is not necessary. If you don't have an ice cream churn you can totally skip it and jump to step 4. Results will still be impressive at the end because both ice cream mixtures have silky and rich consistency.
    Pour the first mixture into an ice cream churn, turn it on and let it make ice cream for 20 min. (or a bit longer, depending on your type of churn). Repeat the same step with the other mixture.
  • Pour both mixtures into cake molds and put molds into the freezer overnight. Take ice cream cakes out of the freezer and molds, then drizzle them with chocolate by using piping bag. Serve cold. Store in the freezer.

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